Life insurance for key people

Life insurance for key people uses life and critical illnesses policies to ensure security the event that a key employee in your business falls ill or even dies. This would incur a financial implication on your business.

The money can be used to:

  • Find a replacement
  • Train employees to reach the same level of experience

The worst-case scenario could see the loan be used for paying off debts in order to close the company. This could be the protection your small business needs to avoid bankruptcy.

It can be a difficult to define and determine who is a key person within your company. It is only you who can decide this. Simply, consider who your business would struggle without if they immediately stopped working.

Who Are We? Life insurance for key people

With over 15 years of experience, our insurance advisors are passionate about keeping you and your family safe by ensuring you have the correct insurance cover.

We’ll never alienate you from any parts of the process like bigger, more corporate companies might.

We put people first and know that by using our expertise to help you navigate through this process, we are providing you with a security bubble around you and your loved ones. This means you can get on with your lives, wholeheartedly.

We’re here to take everything off your hands and leave the living up to you, that’s why we provide Life insurance for key people.


Our Culture and Ethos

Furthermore, it’s important that we create a personable experience for you. Also, it is difficult to connect to a business and express your needs when they adopt a corporate attitude. So, we think we’ve cracked it. We still adopt a professional attitude and provide expert advice but on a much more intimate level. We get to know each and every one of our clients.

Our core values are:

  • Compassion – We treat our clients with compassion and listen with empathy to their situation.
  • Integrity – We are entirely committed to do the right thing all the time for our clients.
  • Responsibility – We have a responsibility, a duty of care almost, for all our clients to provide them with the most suitable insurance offer

We have worked hard to encapsulate our core values into every aspect of our service and we ultimately want to provide you with the most ideal solution to your query.

It’s not only our ethos towards our clients that we have worked hard to achieve. Our internal culture is immensely important to how we deliver our services. We are a team of positive, like-minded individuals whose passion for helping others coincides with our drive, creating the most dynamic and optimistic team!

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