Our Story

It all started when our CEO and founder of Life Insurances UK qualified as a mortgage and insurance broker back in 2005.

Her love and passion of providing a hassle-free process to her clients, in a very stressful and difficult time led her to become one of the UK’s Leading mortgage and insurance protection advisor.

After expanding her business portfolios to include an estate agency, letting agency and property portfolio building company, she had covered thousands of loved ones for life insurances, critical illness, income protection, business protection, you name it she had covered someone for it.

As the years went on so many clients had unfortunately had to claim but with the knowledge that their family was safe because of the fantastic cover they had. This then led Michelle to increase her protection insurance business and Life Insurances UK was born.

With a passionate and experienced team of insurance specialists, Life Insurances UK now helps hundreds of clients a year protect their loved ones.

Our Culture and Ethos

It’s important that we create a personable experience for you. It is difficult to connect to a business and express your needs when they adopt a corporate attitude. So, we think we’ve cracked it. We still adopt a professional attitude and provide expert advice but on a much more intimate level. We get to know each and every one of our clients.

Our core values are:

  • Compassion – We treat our clients with compassion and listen with empathy to their situation.
  • Integrity – We are entirely committed to do the right thing all the time for our clients.
  • Responsibility – We have a responsibility, a duty of care almost, for all our clients to provide them with the most suitable insurance offer

We have worked hard to encapsulate our core values into every aspect of our service and we ultimately want to provide you with the most ideal solution to your query.

It’s not only our ethos towards our clients that we have worked hard to achieve. Our internal culture is immensely important to how we deliver our services. We are a team of positive, like-minded individuals whose passion for helping others coincides with our drive, creating the most dynamic and optimistic team!

Our Charity Work

We know the importance of everybody doing a little to help will add up, so that why we are committed to doing our bit. Whether it’s something small like the Children in Need Christmas Jumper day or something on a larger scale like running the marathon, we are always up to getting stuck in.

If it matters to you, it matters to us!

We are an adventurous team with huge hearts so charitable work is second nature to us. We only hope that 2021 is full of more opportunities where we can showcase this and most importantly give our all to some amazing causes!